thursday. september 1, 2011

geez.. go away from blogging for a bit and come back to having your page look totally mangled by the new app your simple and unobtrusive comments system used to be.

it might work just as well but it's ugly :P so.. i'm afraid it'll have to go - the next time i get around to updating this, that is ^^;

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friday. february 22, 2008

reading the articles on mccain and his lobbiest connections, some old sayings/phrases come to mind...

the lady doth protest too much, methinks

a man is known by the company he keeps

lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas

.. ok, i'll take off my cynic's hat now. politics just makes for a grumpy yeppie :P

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sunday. february 17, 2008

music| heroic age - azurite

today, i killed a lobster... and felt kinda sick when eating it later... intellectually, i know there's no difference between the lobster and the lamb that died so that part of its shank could sit on my plate yesterday save that i had to personally kill the lobster but the only thought that crossed my mind during dinner yesterday was in the lines of 'tasty'... the hypocrisy in my reaction struck me rather keenly as i've been trying hard lately to be more conscious of my food habits. i had recently wondered if i would really be able to eat meat if i had to kill the animals myself... perhaps the answer is no (though, i guess i was able to kill the lobster in the end....)

i'm still mad at my mom for bringing home a live lobster and then forcing me into the position of having to cook it. she was too chicken to actually do it (she never actually *thought* about the fact that we'd have to kill the thing to eat it! sometimes i have to wonder what goes on in her head...) i really debated to myself the possibilities of saving it but the poor thing had been out of the water for a few hours so it the gills were probably drying out, the ocean is at least a hour+ drive, we couldn't give it away (and not have it stay alive)... maybe i was just taking the easy way out and making up justifications in my head but i concluded the lobster was dead anyway so i might as well make it a faster death... ugh

but enough of that unpleasantness. i also baked a cake today. a 4 layer yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and honey cardamom-clove buttercream frosting. its tasty but not at all pretty to look at. the vanilla buttercream i used on the outside is too soft so it's a sticky mess ^^; i wanted to experiment with different types of buttercream so for the vanilla, i tried it american style, using the whole egg, and my guess is thatthe frosting just isn't as stable at room temperature and won't harden as wanted in the fridge because of the extra fat in the yolk. the honey cardamom-clove frosting was made using only egg whites and it's much much easier to work with. it's really a pity about the yolk though.. it adds a certain creamy custardness to the frosting that's quite delicious ^^

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tuesday. february 12, 2008

music| gackt - maria

maybe now i'll get a green card before i die of old age...

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sunday. february 10, 2008

music| i! my! me! strawberry eggs! - glass bell's days

i made grapefruit sandwich cookies today. the recipe i was following may have been a bit wrong in the final baking instructions because the first batch started burning with about 2 mins left on the clock :P such a shame... the other batches came out mostly ok, with varying degrees of burned-ness as i played around with baking times (tho no more ended up as badly as the 1st batch!) they're not as grapefruity as i was hoping but still good ^^ but now i'm a little overloaded on sugar. afterall, i can't bake without sampling everything to make sure it tastes good ^^ but i may have had a little too much of the frosting...

the cookies are for the new year's party at kyudo tomorrow (for the lunar new year). i hope people like them ^^

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wednesday. february 6, 2008

my dad wants to play matchmaker. in korea(!). and my mom think it's a good idea O.o... why, why, why!?!?! it's like they're desperate for me to get a boyfriend... bah.. i would find it absurdly funny if i wasn't so horrified..

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saturday. february 2, 2008

music| hellsing - musical entertainment

just got back a few hours ago from princeton where i went to take part in the cake and food tasting for julie's wedding.

we started in the morning with the cake tasting (cake for breakfast! ^^) at chez alice, now at a new location in palmer square (now, why couldn't they have done that before we graduated?). we tried out 5 different flavors and they chose 3 for the cake (should i say what or should that be a surprise?) and picked a lovely outside design ^_^

next, we headed over to nassau inn for the food tasting. while it was called the food tasting, it was more an overall reception planning meeting where they had to decide table arrangements, decor and etc. i had no idea the process would be so involved! so many details :P but the food was very yummy and made a very satisfying lunch ^^

afterwards, i decided to tag along to some of their other appointments for the day - the chapel organist and 2 florists - to see if i could be of any help and i was having lots of fun ^^ more fun than julie i think, probably because i hadn't been doing this already for 2 whole days (kinda like with the dress shopping) ^^; not that she wasn't sort of enjoying herself too but novelty factor was definitely gone for her by that time

one thing that really shocked me was how expensive flowers are. i mean, i sort of knew but it never quite hit me as it did today when i found out a budget of a $1000 (for flowers only!) is considered hard to work with.. yikes.. so it may be that the bridal party will be doing the centerpiece arrangements, which i personally think would be fun ^^

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friday. february 1, 2008

music| vampire princess miyu - track 7

yay, i'm heading down to princeton tonight to meet up with julie and greg who are in town to do some wedding stuff (meet djs and florists and such). i'll be going to the cake and food tasting tomorrow morning. should be fun and yummy ^^

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wednesday. january 30, 2008

music| magna carta - prologue

yesterday, there was a pretty cool author event i got to go to. john grisham came and did a little talk and q&a session. i guess he was in the cty for the release of his latest book, the appeal, so was available. while i haven't read many of his recent books, i do like the earlier work i read so it was pretty exciting to get to hear him talk about his writing process and how he got started and such ^_^

lately, i've been working on something new for the website.. yeah, more useless info to add to the internet ^^; i'm trying to figure out how to use databases. my goals for the new section were modest at first but the more i think about it, the more i want to add to it so it gets harder and harder ^^; but i'm enjoying it. i forget how much fun and, at times frustrating, it is trying to figure out something new web thing ^^

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sunday. january 27, 2008

music| platinumhugen ordian - eine no remake

i don't think i've been as sick as i've been this weekend is a long while... it just figures it happens over the weekend when i have tons of sick days that are just waiting to get used :P..

as a result, i really haven't done much other than sleeping 2/3rd of the day away yesterday and mostly resting today.. tho, i did try slow cooking a round of beef. it's soo easy and comes out delicious! you basically get a large chunk of beef, coat it in salt and pepper (i added some shichimi togarashi - a japanese spice mix - for some added flavor), brown it, then roast it in the oven at 170 for 2-2.5hrs per pound depending on the diameter. i started it friday night before i started feeling so lousy and left it in the oven overnight. i was worried about starting a fire or something but because the oven temp is so low, it's really fine. this is definitely a must-serve the next time we have people over ^^

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thursday. january 24, 2008

music| fushigi yuugi - ai to iu no tatakai ni

i dropped by cvs after work today and realized it's almost singleness awareness d... um.. valentines, i mean! honestly, i'm not that upset (tho it *would* be nice to have someone special to share it with) but i dislike this time of year to begin with. the cold weather, accompanied with sweaters, scarves and such, is fun at first but, by this point, i'm tired of the dreary weather and of being cold almost all the time. so having valentines fall now-ish with no special someone again is like extra icing on the cake of unhappiness.. err.. perhaps not the most apt metaphor but you get what i mean ^^;

now, i think bears totally have the right idea on what to do about winter. humans should follow suit and hibernate. we'd be so rested for the rest of the year ^_^

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i'm so falling asleep right now :P thank goodness it's almost the end of the day!

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sunday. january 20, 2008

music| kaibutsu oujo - oumagakoi (bloody baptisma)

yesterday, i met up with ben and laura for dinner and a movie. i had heard 'sweeney todd' was exceedingly bloody and i knew what it was about, i'd heard the music at school, but yikes.. the movie was great but a little too graphic for my tastes. i had to hide my eyes every time sweeney was killing someone..

then today, i went to an extra practice session for kyudo and i'm so glad i did ^^ jim (one of the instructors) figured out what it is that's been throwing my form off for the last few months! yay! of course, now fixing it is the harder part :P i have to tweek how i'm holding my right hand and it's making all sorts of little used muscles in my arm and shoulder come into play when i draw so now i'm having trouble drawing a 9kg again. bah.. just when i was starting to feel comfortable with a 12kg..

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music| death note - mello

new layout! ^^

i really seem to be into the red tones lately, ne? the last few layouts have all been like that but i have to say, this hot magenta is really making me happy ^_^

one odd thing though. the colors are a lot more vibrant when i look at the design in photoshop.. anyone know why and how to fix? this layout would look so much better if it could be fixed...

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thursday. january 17, 2008

this has been a pretty good week in terms of entertainment ^^

tuesday, i went to see romeo+juliet performed by the new york city ballet. i'd only seen the abt perform it before with choreography by sir kenneth macmillan and it was interesting seeing a different choreography by peter martins. overall, i think i like macmillan's more but i did think parts of martins's was more interesting. martins's was a bit more playful and had a sort of spontaneity that was fun

one thing i couldn't get past, which may have ultimately biased me against the nycb performance, is they abridged the music! in the interest of making the ballet move faster and perhaps give it more energy (or so they said), they cut repeats (argh!). now, i know very little about dance but i know music and what they did was wrong. so, so very wrong. why would you mess with something so fantastic? not to mention, repeats serve a very important part in building and giving more weight to the storyline! they also played a lot of the slower sections too fast so that they didn't have the gravitas they should have. then to top it all off, the orchestra was even worse than the abt one though... i suppose it may just have been because of where i was sitting (last row of the nose bleed section) . the theater just isn't designed with music in mind.

then yesterday, i met up with fan for a dumpling dinner in chinatown and a visit to muji and uniqlo. for all that we were just browsing through some stores, it was quite fun ^^

now, hopefully, i have something to do this weekend though, at this point, it seems unlikely..

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wednesday. january 16, 2008

music| elfen lied - lillium

last weekend was great. i was up in boston for a kyudo program and, since nicole was off having fun in peru, i stayed with the er*(c)ks

i got in late friday and crashed after dinner (erik did his expert chef thing and made pasta. simple but yummy ^^) because i had to wake up at an un-godly hour of 6 so i could get to the program early to help set up (not to mention i had half the class equipment in my car..)

after practice, it was dimsum with the boston p-ton folks. yum. post dimsum, as we sat there digesting, there was much discussion on what to do afterwards as eryck was acutely feeling his reponsibilities as host ^_^ while we were all feeling rather overstuffed, we finally agreed on going to north end for cannoli (i mean, how can i say no to dessert?). on the way, we saw the aquarium and decided that was our plan for the remainder of the afternoon

in the evening, we had to return to fort somerville for football and, more importantly, sumo draft. yup, sumo draft ^^;... and yes, while i too rolled my eyes and sighed in exasperation at first, i have to say it was quite amusing ^^ (but then, i guess i may tolerate a lot more... *shrug* ^^;)

when all the sumo and football craziness was done, we made the mistake of starting a game called 'axis & allies.' a mistake, i say, only because it didn't end until 6am when jon conceded the game because he wanted to sleep. needless to say, i was extremly unhappy when i had to wake up at 8:30 to get to kyudo again at 9... i was fortunate melissa drove back to ny with me and helped me stay awake (not to mention it was nice having a chance to chat with her ^^)

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tuesday. january 8, 2008

i've never come so close to throwing a laptop out the window as i have these last few days :P

the old wireless router died sunday while i was updating the firmware (or should i say because i updated the firmware?? grr, the piece of junk). since then, i've been frantically trying to get a replacement set up. one would think that wouldn't be too hard, right? just buy a new router, connect it and voila! but nooo, it can't be that simple...

since sunday, i've gone through 3 different model (tho i finally settled on one!) because my mom's laptop kept giving me a 'weak signal' error even when it was just an arms length away from the router

with the first model, i thought it was the router (i'd been cheap and bought something inexpensive) but the next two i tried were pretty pricey things and they didn't work any better (or so i thought at the time) well, after much cursing and hair-pulling, it turned out that her laptop has a weird quirk (incidentally, the lenovo thinkpad is also a giant piece of junk), maybe from having 2 different programs that both control wireless access, and you have to jigger settings in both for anything to work. bah!

sigh.. at least it's all set up now ^_^

on a better note, someone wanted to buy a cel i painted! i didn't sell it for much because i didn't think i did all that great a job on it but it was still exciting ^^

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